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Introducing the Covert Green Laser Pointer: Compact, Powerful, and Versatile

The “Covert” Green Laser Pointer is a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable and portable high-power laser. With its versatile design and functionality, this laser pointer is ideal for a wide range of applications, including astronomy, presentations, and outdoor activities.

Constructed with a robust black polished metal body, the Covert Green Laser Pointer boasts a compact size of 180mm x 40mm and a lightweight of 193g, making it incredibly easy to carry and store. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip for prolonged use. Available in power outputs of 50mW and 100mW, this laser pointer delivers a powerful and highly visible green beam with a wavelength of 532nm, providing excellent visibility even in broad daylight.

The Covert Green Laser Pointer comes complete with a battery and charger, ensuring hours of continuous use. Its long-lasting Lithium 16340 power supply provides up to 120 minutes of battery life, while the built-in safety features prevent accidental activation.

With its exceptional beam stability, the Covert Green Laser Pointer offers a highly precise beam performance. Its beam divergence of 1.5mRad and beam diameter of 2.0mm allow for accurate pointing and targeting, perfect for astronomy or long-distance presentations. To ensure safety, the laser pointer incorporates a duty cycle of 100 seconds on and 30 seconds off, and an expected lifetime of 5,000 hours, providing years of reliable use.

Whether you’re an astronomer, a professional presenter, or simply an outdoor enthusiast, the “Covert” Green Laser Pointer is the ultimate choice. Its compact design, powerful performance, and included accessories make it an exceptional value for its price. Discover the world of high-power green lasers today and enhance your experiences with the “Covert” Green Laser Pointer. Explore our extensive collection of and find the perfect one for your specific needs at

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