E3 Green Laser Pointer 300mW

## E3 Green Laser Pointer: The Most Powerful Portable Green Laser Pointer on the Market

The E3 Green Laser Pointer series produces a brilliant beam of 532nm green laser light at a power range from 200mW to 300mW. This popular design has been noted by enthusiasts and end-users alike as the most powerful portable green laser. If you’re looking for great laser pointers, look no further than the E3 Green Laser Pointer.

The E3 green laser is one of the most visibly beautiful portable lasers with more than 200mW of potential output power. Combining durability and style, the stylized and unassuming design hides the true power this laser pointer is capable of. Making it 50-100 times brighter than any standard green laser pointer. It’s also perfectly sized with an astonishing visible distance of 16474 meters on a clear line of site.

Incorporating new safety features for FDA compliance and safe all around use, the E3 Green Laser Pointer comes with a Tactical Nylon Holster, Instruction + Safety Manual, and a 1 Year Warranty. are a great way to enhance your presentations, point out stars in the night sky, or just have some fun. And the E3 Green Laser Pointer is the best of the best.

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